Overknee/Thigh-high boots – I’m in love!

I FOUND THE PERFECT ONES! – I am so happy and excited to finally show you guys my long-awaited boots. Since last year, I have been thinking about getting black over-knee boots. They totally enhance my closet and fit with many everyday outfits. Since they go up the leg quite high, the boots keep my legs warm, even when I am wearing a short skirt or dress. Love it! 🙂 A factor, why I haven’t bought them last year was that I already had one black pair of flat boots which reached my knees. After last winter season, I threw them away, which means, more space in my closed and it was the right time to hunt for the perfect over-knee boots. 🙂

Beginning with the cold season, I have seen these kinda boots in stores again. I was back in Austria to visit my family, and on a shopping trip with my mom I saw these over-knee boots at Tamaris. I tried them on and fell instantly in love. The shoe comes in 3 different colours: Red Faux, Taupe and Black – I decided to go for the black one, since it matches with most of my everyday clothing.  What I like is that I can tie them in the back to have the extra hold. These classics will definitely pimp up all my outfits and I am so excited to wear them.




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