Spring 2018 favourites for healthy hair and skin.

My must-haves to keep my skin and nails healthy. Hello! 🙂 I am so glad you are here, because I am pretty excited to chat about my favourite beauty products at the moment. You may know or not I got for many years my nails done in many different salons. I had gel nails, switched to acryl nails … tried everything out. I was pretty happy and still love how the nails look after a fresh salon visit! 🙂


Since I got so busy with moving in another country, school, work, etc. I started to do my nails at home. My nails were badly damaged so I decided not to colour them to give them time to grow and getting back to strong and healthy. My friends recommended me to take biotin pills, and I tell you guys, it was one of the best decisions I made! 🙂 After two weeks I could see the first results and changes. I take biotin now around 5x a week for about 3 months, and my nails never have been so healthy, long and strong before! Not to forget, my skin benefits as well 🙂 I rarely have dry spots or pimples anymore (haha), except I don’t have myself under control with my chocolate addiction. I am absolutely in love with OPI nail polishes. As a base coat, I use OPI Nail Strengthener, which helps to prevent from breaking, peeling or cracking and it also leaves a shiny finish. I never got compliments about my nails before, but now my friends or even my family members make comments and ask who I get my nails so long and healthy.

OPI Nail Strengthener, Vichy face masks

For my skin, I do face masks 1 to max 2 times a week. Currently, I am using this watery peeling masque from Vichy, which smells absolutely gorgeous – slightly like peaches, white musk and black tea. You can get them in three different variations, and I usually switch between them. In my drawer I have sooo many face masks, that I love to wear and try out, but this one is my current favourite. 🙂 Wish you all a lovely day, XOXO! Julia




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