Charm bracelet – memories around my wrist!

Charm up your life. This is a blog post for all jewellery-lovers. Christmas is over, and like almost every year I get some beautiful pieces of jewellery, which I want to share with you. Today I want to show you one of my favourite jewellery brands, Thomas Sabo! I absolutely love their pieces, especially the Charm Club collection. You are probably already familiar with this fashion jewellery trend, but I still want to tell and show you.

I first heard about Thomas Sabo, when I was in high-school. It slowly become to be a trend and I saw already a few girls wearing these super cute silver bracelets, with many charms hanging on it. I was not the only girl, stunned by this cute piece of jewellery, hanging loosely around the wrist. I told my mom about it and ‘surprisingly’ I got for Christmas my own personal bracelet with my very first charm, which was a musical note.

Santa was good to me this year. My mom sent my via mail a charm, “the globe“ and I absolutely love it, its so cute.


I want to show you another cute piece which I got this year. It is the letter necklace “one in a million” from Kate Spade, which you still can get at the Bay. I absolutely love it and wear it almost every day!


What is your favourite Thomas Sabo Charm? Or any other jewellery pieces you love? I would love to hear from you and to get some inspirations.





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