Breakfast LOVE – Vancouvers best brunch spots.

Who does not love a good cup of coffee and brunch? 🙂 Love going for breakfast on weekends. Still have lots of places to try, since Vancouver has so much to offer. Constantly, new breakfast spots are opening…. 🙂

But here are some of my favorites brunch spots in Vancouver, which I have tried so far …

49th Parallel Coffee Roasters on Thurlow Street, Vancouver

IMG_0323 (1)

Avocado Toast with Egg Nov 11 2018

Omg… do you see that Avocado Toast? ♥ So delicious! The toast is absolutely amazing… soft and crunchy crust… definitely coming back again 🙂

Nero Belgian Waffle Bar on Seymour Street, Vancouver 


That waffle… ♥ I am obsessed with the mixture of sweet and sour! I ordered the salmon cream cheese waffle and it was absolutely delicious. They also have a cute seating area outside. Definitely have to try as well their sweet waffles with fruits and whipped cream 🙂

Breka Cafe & Bakery on Bute Street, Vancouver


Love the fact, that this spot has open 24/7! How amazing is that… its always busy. People are coming here for studying, meeting with friends or just to grab a coffee to go. They baked goods are so yummy. I bought their New York Cheesecake as a birthday cake – really delicious. Their cute outdoor seating area is surrounded by trees, which is very cute. Love going there to enjoy a Cafe Latte.

Whats your favorite breakfast spot here in Vancouver? Let me know 🙂 Always happy to try out new places. Julia ♥

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