Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Gemstone Facial Rollers. If you follow social media or read recently articles about skincare or beauty then you probably have heard about the hype about Facial Rollers. 🙂 I just had to get one to try it out as well. haha This rose quartz facial roller is not just beautiful to look at it, it has so many great benefits to your skin.


  • Calms inflammation
  • Gentle movements help blood circulation to the face
  • Assists in detoxification
  • Helps absorb moisturizers and serums more fully
  • Reduces puffiness in your face, especially the eyes
  • Cooling effect
  • Use it with a facial oil to massage it deeper into your skin


It literally spreads feminine energy. You should incorporate it to your daily facial beauty routine, to help reducing stress, increasing blood circulation and reducing puffiness to enhance the skin tone.

I usually use it at night before I apply my night cream. If I feel for pampering my skin I put a little oil on it, which also helps to get it more deeply into the skin. The gemstone feels very cool on your skin which feels actually really good. 🙂 You gently roll it over your face and neck, downward and upward moments. I love the stimulating and cooling affect. It gives me the feeling of releasing stress and really taking care of myself. “Mostly” I just want to go to bed asap, because I am so tired haha and just put quickly my face cream on and done. I really try to take a few minutes for myself to pamper my skin 🙂


  • The stone usually tends to stay cool, even after using. But just put your roller in the freezer or fridge for a few minutes before using it. 🙂


♥ Julia

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2 thoughts on “Rose Quartz Facial Roller”

    1. Hi Eleni,
      So sorry for replying a little late hihi 🙂
      Oh good tip with he rose water – thanks for letting me know ❤
      No haven't heard from the gua ha tool yet, gonna google that 🙂



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