SWEDEN, Stockholm

Stockholm – what a beautiful city with a long and such an interesting history. Stockholm contains of many islands – more exactly 14 islands – connected with bridges, surrounded by the sea and wonderful Swedish architecture. There are plenty of museums, parks, and historic streets & buildings to see.  🙂 I am so lucky to have a wonderful friend from Stockholm who guided us around. What a lucky girl to have to chance to live in such a beautiful city.

Sweden is not in the Euro-Zone and uses the Swedish krona as their national currency. Plan if you need cash or not, because of the withdrawing fees 🙂 We didn’t need any cash, since most places you can pay via credit card 🙂

For May, it was quite chilly, so make sure to always bring warm clothes when you travel to Sweden, since the weather can change very quickly – no matter what season.

We mostly walked everything, since we spent there two whole days and we like to get our steps in on trips 🙂 Take your time to explore the city to absorb this beauty. You also can go by little boats and sea taxis to different islands and they are not so expensive either.



» Walk through Gamla Stan – “Old Town” of the city. Gorgeous architecture and cobblestone streets

»Drottningholm Palace

» The Royal Palace

» Tour the Archipelago

It is the largest archipelago in the Baltic Sea and definitely worth spending a day island-hopping. You can find tours from many points within the city.

» Swedish National and/or History Museum

» Weekends: Local Markets (check online for more information)

» Stockholm’s City Hall



Cinnamon buns – Enjoy them in Stockholm’s old town – Stortorget place in Gamla stan- with cute colourful cafes and restaurants.


Food markets – check out Stockholm’s food markets for local, fresh and yummy food 🙂

Swedish meat balls




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