Welcome to Riga – Here is what I got up to in this beautiful city, the places I visited, the beautiful sights I saw and the awesome places I ate at which I would recommend for you.

We spent here 3 nights in the Cinnamon Sally Hostel, right in the city center where we could explore everything by walking.  Highly recommend this hostel, since it was fun to stay there. Super friendly staff, FREE WAFFLES for breakfast and great tips what to explore. Fun fact, the first night we met a Swiss guy  in the hostel and he took us to an Georgian restaurant, called Aragats. It was so delicious and absolutely yummy, that I think my next trip will be Georgia just because of the food. haha

As you guys know, I love public markets so it was a must on our first day of exploring. Fruits, veggies, art pieces & local food… so much fun 🙂 For our stay we always got our lunches or dinners from the Central Market, since there are plenty of options for everyone. 🙂

Definitely check out the Skybar at the Radisson hotel to get an incredible view over the city while you can enjoy a drink 🙂 Fun fact, even the washroom walls are windows for a nice view =P


» Freedom Monument
» Central Market
» Skybar at the Radisson Hotel for a beautiful view over the city
» Free walking tour (which I always recommend)
» House of Blackheads
» St. Peter’s Church


img_0092.jpgIMG_0093Georgian Dinner @ Aragats Restaurant
IMG_0095Freedom Monument
IMG_0096IMG_0098Strawberries from the Central Market




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