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Vilnius – Such a charming city, which attracts more and more tourists every year. As all Baltic countries, this town is just as beautiful. Old Town, with plenty of bars, restaurants and lots of history.

My personal highlight was trip to Trakai Island to visit the castles. It’s a perfect day trip and easy to reach by bus or Uber. Definitely a MUST-SEE when you are in Lithuania.

“Kibinai” – the traditional dish in Lithuania. It is a soft crust pastry with either meat, veggies, cheese or jams. Perfect snack which you have to try.

In Vilnius we decided not to take part in a free walking tour, since we had plenty of time and wanted to explore our own. Therefore we just walked around in the old town and stopped wherever we think there could be something interesting. 🙂



» Vilnius Cathedral
» Public Market
» Gediminas Castle
» Discover Old Town
» Hill of Three Crosses
» Day trip to Trakai Island & Trakai castles



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