Strasbourg, France – 2 days Getaway

Delicious baguettes, wines, amazing cheese platters and beautiful storybook houses ... all that you will find in Strasbourg. We spent there two whole days, which is the perfect amount of time to explore everything in this cute little town. Strasbourg is only a few minutes located from the German borders. Therefore the culture and architecture… Continue reading Strasbourg, France – 2 days Getaway


High Protein Carrot-Banana Bread with healthy frosting

Prep Time: about 10 minutes I Baking Time: 60 minutes Perfect afternoon snack or breakfast! It is without refined sugars, high in protein and super juicy - PLUS quick and easy to make 🙂 WHAT YOU NEED: 1-2 ripe medium size bananas 2 - 3 medium size carrots 100ml unsweetened natural apple sauce 250g of… Continue reading High Protein Carrot-Banana Bread with healthy frosting