Budapest, Hungary

Beautiful days in Budapest – Have you been to Hungary yet? The name Budapest is actually a combination of two “city” names, Buda and Pest. Buda as the west side of the river and Pest on the east side. These two parts were only joined in 1873, and still separated by the Danube river.

When you want to explore Budapest I think the best way is to split it up in 1 or 2 days and tours. First tour is the BUDA side, and next one is the PEST side 🙂 The sights on the Pest side are more spread out and a bit further back from the river- So its a bit harder to get there from the Buda side. The Buda sights are more closer and near the river & I think most peoples favorite 🙂

During night time we really enjoyed having dinner in the so called “Gozsdu Udvar”. It is filled with many bars , yummy restaurants and all kind of entertainments. For sure everyone will find something there to eat 🙂 This  courtyard is one of the most dynamically improving centres in downtown and a meeting point for many young people. 🙂 Another recommendation for going out is the “Szimpla Bar”. So much fun there and interesting design 🙂 You have to check it out when you are in Budapest!


» BUDA sights:

Fisherman’s Bastion

Matthias Church

Buda Castle

A river cruise on the Danube

The Széchenyi Chain Bridge

» PEST sights:

Jewish Shoes by the Danube

Hungarian Parliament

Opera House

The Jewish Quarter

Széchenyi Thermal Bath

Central Public Market

Street Food Karavan 

Gozsdu Udvar for food & drinks

Sights from the Buda Side

Sights from the Pest Side

Thermal Bath
Hungarian Parliament
Spiciest Pizza in the World haha

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