Kraków, Poland

So many reasons why to visit Krakow. Architecture, history, people, food, etc. It is the second largest and one of the oldest cities in Poland.

Right in the heart of Krakow’s old town is the big main square. Did you know it is Europe’s biggest market square? It is HUGE 🙂 On sunny days it is filled with flower pop up stores, traditional bagel-sellers and people on horse and carriage rides. It was super hot and we grabbed a table at the rooftop café in the middle of the main square and sat with our drinks watching people. We did not participated in a free walking tour, since we have friends there who showed us around. We just strolled around the city, did some shopping, enjoyed ice cream and of course tried their traditional yummy food, which we were so excited to try.

Krakow‘s history is a pretty long and very dramatic history. As the political and cultural heart of Poland through the 16th century and home to the kings of Poland, Wawel Royal Castle is a symbol of national identity and one of the largest royal castles in Europe. There are plenty of museums you can visit, cafes .. surrounded by beautiful gardens. At the bottom of the castle lives the fire-berating dragon, who breathes real fire every five minutes. There are many different legends behind it, which go back in the 13th century – look it up if you are interest 🙂

I have traveled to many European cities where you feel like tourists are not as welcome as you think or lets say they are barely tolerated. But in Poland and especially Krakow the people were absolutely friend and very welcoming.


OMG. You have to try all their traditional dishes, snacks and please promise to stop by at the Vodka bar 🙂 Right when we arrived we walked to Milkbar Tomasza for a late breakfast or lunch! The salads there are amazing 🙂 You might have to wait a little in line but its absolutely worth it 🙂 Another recommendation is Frankie’s Health Bar. From juices, smoothies, salad bowls and wraps, you get everything there 🙂

  • Wodka Bar – for late night drinks 🙂 You can choose your own lines out of many flavors yummy
  • Pijalnia Wodki – cheap snacks and shots
  • Zapiekanka (Super long “pizza” bread) from the Jewish Quarter Square
  • Pierogi or pierożk – Dumplings with different fillings
  • Obwarzanek / Bagels – Chewy bagels topped with salt, sesame, plain, poppy seeds,… became a symbol for Krakow. You can get them almost at every corner 🙂
  • Pickled Herring – “śledź” is a ‘delicacy’
Salad Bowl @ Frankie’s Health Bar
Salads @ Milkbar Tomasza
Zapiekanka from the Jewish Quarter Square
Pickled Herring with Potato & Cream Cheese Spread
Wodka Bar
Don’t forget to treat yourself =P


» Old Town Krakow

» Wawel Royal Castle

» Nightlife in Krakow – Bar Crowls

» Public Market – fresh fruits, veggies, snacks, etc.

» Jewish Quarter (+ to try the Zapiekanka)

Rooftopbar @ the Main Square

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