Bratislava, Slovakia

Weekend in beautiful Bratislava – last stop in our Europe Trip 🙂 I am from Austria and still haven’t been to Bratislava – it was about time! hahaha

We booked an Airbnb close to the Hockey Arena. Everything could be reached by foot and the hosts were the friendliest I have ever met 🙂

We started our first day with strolling around in the Old Town and to check out the Main Square is in the heart of Bratislava. We organized ourselves a city map from the tourist office and we quickly figured out a nice round tour 🙂 In “downtown” are many historical monuments, delicious restaurants and bars with outdoor patios and many little shops and souvenir stores.

The statue named “Cumil” means actually “the watcher” in Slovak.


» Main Square in the Old Town

» Cumil Statue on the busy shopping street

» St. Michael’s Gate and Bridge

» Bratislava Castle

» Nightlife in Bratislava – Pub Crawl

» Slavin Memorial

» Blue Church – Church of St. Elisabeth

»Parliament & Garden

Cumil Statue
View to the Bratislava Castle
Bratislava Castle Garden
Parliament in Bratislava
Blue Church – Church of St. Elisabeth

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