Vineyard Trip to Burgenland, Austria

Are you a red or white wine person? I definitely would choose red over white! 😉 And have you ever tried Austrian wine? No, then you definitely should! Burgenland is a province in Austria and a large wine region on the eastern border of the country. Despite the country’s image as the producer of some of the world’s finest white wines, Austria also has a very great red wine culture: In summer it is very hot and sunny, a continental Pannonian climate, which is the key for this wine production!

So what types of wine can you drink there? These wines are mainly based on the Blaufränkisch and Zweigelt grape varieties. Sweet wines are also a speciality, more around the Neusiedlersee lake area. In Burgeland are hundreds of vineyards who make their own, special wines!

We stayed in an guesthouse in a tiny town called “Illmitz”, which is on the Eastern side of the big lake! If you come here you definitely wanna rent a bike for these days. The country is super flat which makes it easy and fun to bike from vineyard to vineyard! 🙂 One day we planned a bike tour from Illmitz to Podersdorf, from Podersdorf to St. Andrä and back to Illmitz, which is about 40km in total for this day. Another must-do is to take the ferry to Mörbisch and bike 6km to Rust! All these little town houses from the 16th – 19th centuries have beautiful baroque or Renaissance facades with cute window and door surroundings. Rust is also known as a town for storks! These white storks have s a very special significance for Rust and mainly live on the chimneys on the old town houses. Next time I definitely need to spend more time in Rust, sitting down to enjoy different types of wines and do some more wine tasting! 🙂


Podersdorf Beach
Wine Cellars in Rust

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