Vancouver Island, BC. Family trip to the beautiful island.

Just playing the piano by the ocean. I literally feel in love with Victoria. I spent this weekend with my family in Victoria, which is for me a city with lots of good memories from my exchange semester 3 years ago. I am so happy to have my parents and relatives here and to show them my “second” home here in Canada. Strolling around in the old part of the town, enjoying coffee with an ocean view, trying different breakfast places, eating oysters and getting ice-cold margaritas at the rooftop bar – what a life.


Isn’t that an incredible view? I could listen to the waves and watch the ocean for hours. Vancouver Island offers a lot and is best experienced out of doors. Untouched wilderness, parks and beautiful beaches. Of course I sent my parents to experience whale-watching, it is kind of a”must-do” here in Victoria. There is almost any kind of outdoor fun in the region – golfing, hiking, biking, kayaking, camping, surfing, swimming and picnicking – and plenty to do indoors as well.

Since we had a few days on the Island, I took my parents to Tofino which is a four hour car ride north of Victoria. Tofino is a peaceful, quiet, small town. The best part is, there’s no bad season to go! The waves are great year round and the town is just as amazing in the storm season as it is in the summer. The sunsets are stunning!  Wolf In the Fog is by far my favorite place to go for food. They use all local and fresh ingredients and the atmosphere is really cozy. Where to get the best taco’s in the world? In Tofino from Tacofino, an adorable food truck and their tacos and burritos are AMAZING! My family absolutely enjoyed the trip and can’t wait to see more of this beautiful country. xoxo Julia





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